Welcome to California …

There are a number of things which will always scream “CALIFORNIA!” to me, and this is one of them, along with Volkswagen vans and palm trees: the ubiquitous In-N-Outs which dot the landscape of Southern California. A family-owned chain, it’s almost a cult, and its uber-friendly workers (who, for a long time, boasted the best salaries in fast food service), fresh ingredients and fast service are legendary, not to mention their more than reasonable prices. I get a hankering for an In-N-Out burger about once every month and scratch that itch as soon as I can (like I did just the other day). I go for the simple burger, not the famous Double-Double—too much meat for me (that’s what she said), and their tasty fries. And while they’ve become world-famous as the food of Oscar parties and have extended their tiny empire to neighboring states such as Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and even Texas and Colorado, they will always mean SoCal to me.

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