And There Comes a Time …

" ... and there comes a time when that which I write must belong to me, has to be written alone and in silence, with no one looking over my shoulder, no one telling me a better way to write it. It doesn't have to be great writing, it doesn't even have to be terribly... Continue Reading →

The “R” Word …

I’ve been dropping a number of hints over the past few months on this blog and on my Instagram account (@gg92118) about an impending big change in my life in 2021 … and now it can finally be revealed. After more than 20 years (2 decades!) with Comic-Con International: San Diego, I’m retiring. Comic-Con was... Continue Reading →

Our Current Banner Image …

I've recently relaunched this blog to focus a little bit more on writing. Previously it was more of a showcase for my photos and that will still be the case. Just about every photo or image you see on this blog will be of my creation, unless otherwise noted. One thing I hope to do... Continue Reading →

Living in the Age of Disease • Part 3

This is day #62 of Quarantine. I call It “quarantine,” but it’s really stay at home. I’m not sick (beyond a nagging cough because ONE OF MY STUPID F*CKING NEIGHBORS KEEPS SMOKING AND IT ALL ENDS UP IN MY PLACE, but I don’t hate them … not yet), so quarantine is an incorrect term. It’s... Continue Reading →

Living in the Age of Disease • Part 1

Everything old is new again. Last week, I sent a letter to a dear friend. I don’t think I’ve written an actual letter to anyone in years. And today I’m writing something for my blog, which is almost exclusively a place where I post photos. But years ago I blogged incessantly, almost daily, ad infinitum,... Continue Reading →

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