Still Walking, Still Listening …

We’re back with more long walks and more podcast listening, mainly (once again) about movies. Click here to read our first installment in this semi-regular series. LOVE IS A CRIMEYou always remember your first and mine was Karina Longworth’s excellent You Must Remember This, the podcast that got me listening to podcasts. She’s back for... Continue Reading →

Comic-Con: 21 Years Ago …

There is no live San Diego Comic-Con this year, and by “live” I mean that living, breathing organism that seems to mystically appear inside the San Diego Convention Center, transforming it into a whole new city by the bay for four and a half days. There is an online component again this year, with some... Continue Reading →

I Went to the Movies!!!

Not a hoax, not a dream, not an imaginary story! The incredible true story of one man’s quest to find normalcy in a world he never made! Okay … I’ve run out of comic book-sounding subheadings to tell my tale, but I WENT TO THE FUCKING MOVIES TODAY! If that’s not something to celebrate, I... Continue Reading →

January 2021 Books …

One of the things I’d like to do in 2021 is read more, and hand-in-hand with this I'd like to document the books I’m reading, month-by-month. This does not include comics, magazines, streaming video descriptions or cereal boxes. I’m a little late with the January selections, but let’s cover them anyway, before February dies on... Continue Reading →

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