Our Current Banner Image (#003) …

As you can probably tell by now, I’m struggling a bit with the design of this Word Press format (called Baskerville2). I love it’s simplicity and ease of operation, but the banner at the top is too narrow in height to fulfill my sense of artistic expression (that’s a nice way of me saying I don’t like it). I’ve tried to incorporate my own type treatment and was frustrated by how the photos and the banner resize on different platforms (laptop, tablet, and phone) and also with how the image gets darker once it’s placed. I’m retired now, so this is the biggest creative decision that I have to make each day, besides what’s for lunch and/or dinner.

Anyway … here’s one possible solution … a photo that kinda doesn’t matter how it’s viewed. This one is from is from 2016 and my trip to London … Notting Hill to be exact. This beautiful selection of tile is part of a train overpass at the end of the world-famous Portobello Road marketplace. I’ve reverted to letting Word Press add the text for me, so hopefully it will resize better and maybe now i can stop losing sleep over this. And really … don’t we all want to feel it doesn’t matter how we’re viewed?

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