Seattle 2016 • Part 2: The Space Needle …

No trip to Seattle is complete without a trip to the Space Needle, that “Back to the Future” icon that dominates the skyline along with Mt. Rainier. The Space Needle–built for the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair–is within easy walking distance of downtown, but why walk when you can ride that other futuristic invention, the Monorail? It takes about 2 minutes to go station to station, but it’s the coolest ride in Seattle.

I went to Seattle Center (which features the Space Needle and numerous other attractions) twice this time. I was curious as to what the SN looked like at night … it wasn’t disappointing! Here’s a bunch of photos from both excursions, including a side trip to see the beautiful Cinerama Theater, in the Belltown area of Seattle, which I had glimpsed from the Monorail on my night trip. That stunning graphic mural is by Invisible Creature, an art & design studio in the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle Center is also home to the EMP Museum … more on that next post!

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