Hometown Theater …

I feel lucky living in a small town that has its own movie theater. I used to make the 15-mile each-way trek to ArcLight up in University Town Center in La Jolla when I wanted to see a movie, and that chain doesn’t exist anymore, sad to say. I loved seeing movies there. It was classy, clean, and they showed three previews, tops. The AMC chain took over that location, post-pandemic, and they show eight or nine previews before each film, and as much as I love a good movie trailer, that’s excessive. I miss ArcLight dearly, but I’ve gained a new respect for my little Coronado theater, the Village.

It took ten years to renovate the Village theater after it was closed, and now it’s a state-of-the-art movie house with digital projection, a beautiful large auditorium with scenic sidewalls depicting Coronado and the San Diego skyline, and two smaller screens. I feel lucky to be able to walk to a nearby theater when the mood strikes me to see a movie, and their prices are also pretty great, with a $10.50 bargain matinee daily. This is just another little thing I love about living in Coronado.

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