Fun with Funko Fridays #02 …

Once upon a time, I collected Funko POPS! … still do, kinda, although I’m a lot more specialized now, concentrating mainly on Marvel Comics, MCU, and Marvel Disney+ characters. And once upon a time, i took those Funko POPS! out of the box (GASP!) and made little Photoshop graphics out of them and posted them on Instagram. If you dig back far enough on my Instagram feed (@gg92118), you’ll find them, interspersed amongst all the other stuff I post (mainly palm tree and San Diego Bay photos these days). I thought I’d collect them all here in the merry month of September and call it “Fun with Funko Fridays” … and hopefully not violate more than a couple copyrights. (Hey … it’s the Internet, right? Nobody cares.)

I like the Marvel POPS! the most, and I had a lot of fun with them, making these little Photoshop graphics. And yes, they’re all back, snug and cozy, in their boxes. Calm down.

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