Where You’ll Find Me …

Either the luckiest of lucky shots or the most accommodating seagull ever, I’m not sure which it is … maybe both? This is one of my all-time favorite photos that I’ve taken and it’s one of my most favored spots in the world, on the south bank of the Thames, right by Westminster Bridge and good ol’ Big Ben (although it’s now officially called “Elizabeth Tower” after the Queen; Big Ben is just the clock). This one was taken in 2016, on my third trip to London.

I often find myself walking along the Thames, past BFI Centre and the open-air bookseller stalls, past the London Eye and the small Foyles bookstore (which of course I stop into for a little browsing), along the backside of the Tate Modern. It’s my favorite (I’m using that word a lot in this post) part of London—Bankside, South Bank, Southwark, call it what you will—and sometimes I’m transported there, if only in my head, for just a wistful instant or two. Occasionally I’m lucky enough to be there in the flesh.

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  1. Such a great shot! We love this kind of photo. We were lucky enough to snap one with a couple of swans a few years back. Always an exciting moment!
    All the best from Strasbourg, France
    Stéphanie and Jerome

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