Stool sample …

I apologize for the gross, punny title. This lovely photo was taken many moons ago at the Farmers Market in Los Angeles, and is also from my filter period, when I used a filter on just about every photo I took. This is from my beginning years on Instagram, way back when. I’ve since learned that composition is key, not over-saturated colors, although I still like this one enough to post it on here.

The Farmers Market (at the corner of Fairfax and 3rd) almost died once, but they built a mall next to it (The Grove), instead of tearing it down to make room for the mall. It’s an interesting dichotomy: The Old and the New, side by side. The Farmers Market is a little time capsule with food stands and shops and tables to sit at while you eat throughout its rambling structure. It even has a sit-down restaurant (Du-par’s), which has been featured in the Bosch TV series. I myself like Brian’s Pit Barbecue, although lately my stomach seems to disagree.

Anyway … this is the kind of stool sample I like.

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