Another Podcast! …

Hey! Look at me … or rather, listen to me! I’m featured on another podcast, which premiered on Tuesday, July 19. The podcast is called The Musical Innertube, and no, you’re safe … I won’t be singing. I was interviewed a few weeks back by Don Rooney and John Timpane, “who talk with people you’d talk with, if you had a microphone.” I’m joining an august group of people that they’ve interviewed in the past, including a couple I even know. like Frank Ferrante (An Evening with Groucho), and animation expert and historian Jerry Beck (who I worked with at Comic-Con). It was a fun 45-minute or so interview and covers a lot of ground, including my time at Comic-Con, but also my lifelong love of comic books, and my self-published comic series, Innocent Bystander. You can read more about Don and John by clicking here. The Musical Innertube is available for free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Download my episode and take me for a walk!

Click here to hear a clip of my interview on The Musical Innertube’s Twitter feed or click here to listen to the full podcast!

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