Friday Flashback #071 …

I’m back after a short hiatus … did you miss me?

We had a run of cloudy, cool, breezy days up until about the end of June this year … and since then it’s been pretty much all-sun, all the time (except in the mornings). That photo above is my stomping ground, usually filled with bikes, walks, and those annoying pedal cars that people rent and yell and scream in as they ride around like a bunch of lunatics. The good news is the summer tourist season is over with this week’s last hurrah of Labor Day. When you’re a kid, the summer stretches out almost infinitely, from last day of school to first day of school; as an adult, it breezes by far too quickly. Luckily, I live in the land of almost-perpetual summer.

My travel season (Fall!) is coming! Want to see all my latest photos? Follow me on Instagram @gg92118


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