Friday Flashback #049 …

2018 saw the passing of both Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, the co-creators of Spider-Man. The hero is one of the most recognizable and popular in the world, and a lot of that comes from Lee and Ditko’s original 40 or so Spidey stories (38 issues of Amazing Spider-Man, plus Amazing Fantasy #15 and 2 Annuals), which built the world of Peter Parker and his friends and family. Everything else is derivative, done by other talents, sometimes well, and sometimes well … not so well. This shot is from the Marvel Universe of Super Heroes exhibit at MoPOP in Seattle. I like to think that’s Stan silhouetted in the window on the left, and John Romita and Steve Ditko on the right (not that Romita and Ditko every worked together). The exhibit itself is amazing and runs until March 3, so hurry if you want to see it!

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