LIVE! This Tuesday at 6:30 PM on YouTube! …

The nice folks at SDCC Unofficial Blog have invited me back for a second live appearance on their SDCC ConCast, this Tuesday evening at 6:30 PM on YouTube Live! Despite the fact that I insulted their limo driver, trashed their green room, and stole all their M&Ms with Peanuts last year, they still found it in their kind little hearts to have me on their podcast once again. I’ll be talking with Kerry and James about my years as Comic-Con’s Director of Print and Publications and “Oh, The Publications (I’ve) Made!” Including some of my favorite Souvenir Book covers and more. If you can’t watch the live broadcast of it, don’t worry … it’s the Internet, it will live on FOREVER. And at some point, in the not-so-distant future—when I’m in the home—I’ll look at it on my ancient laptop and mutter, “Who the hell is that guy? He looks familiar …”

Here’s the official description from the Unofficial Blog …

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