Colorama …

This is the back of the building known as Village Hillcrest, in (duh) Hillcrest, north of downtown San Diego. This is on the ramp leading to SR-163 and it’s kind of a seldom-seen view, unless you’re whizzing by it, to and fro the 163, as we Californians are wont to say when we talk about highways and freeways. Everything is THE. “Did you take the 5 or the 15?” “You know, the 163 connects to the 8, right?”

This was taken quite a few years back, most likely on one of my Sunday long walks, from downtown up through Bankers Hill, into Hillcrest, and then back down via Park Blvd., with maybe a pass through Balboa Park. Those long walks are the only thing I miss about living downtown.

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