Everything Changes …

I’ve been concerned lately about how much everything seems to be changing. Some of this is due to “progress” (definitely a subjective term), and some of it due to the pandemic, of course. Downtown San Diego is a definite microcosm of this. I don’t have very many photos that document these changes, but here are two from Seattle, displaying nothing more than a mundane change of signs.

This is an iconic view of Seattle, looking towards Pike Place Market, and one that has been photographed and shared countless times, as photos and on a myriad of merchandise. I much prefer the iconic coffee cup neon sign (above) to the Rachel’s Ginger Beer sign below; no offense, Rachel, but kudos to your company for continuing with the theme of having a neon sign in this location, if only for historic continuity.

I suppose my age has a strong influence on how I feel about how things are changing. I’m probably days away from telling anyone how rough it was to walk to school in the snow when I was young (if I haven’t already). But change is hard, especially as you get older and you have fond memories of “The Way We Were” (the concept, not necessarily the movie or the song), along with the way places and things once were. Change is inevitable. You just have to go with the flow and accept it, even if it’s something as simple as a jug replacing a coffee cup on the side of a building. It may not be as pretty or as iconic as the original, but at least someone made an effort.

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