In Happier Times …

Don’t worry, I’m fine. But this photo takes me back to when the chairs out in my “backyard” were multi-colored, and not just painted black like they are now. The now-not-so-new owners of my apartment complex evidently hired some kind of color consultant who wants everything to be just simple black and white. They painted every building (over 20 of them!) white, which is fine, even though some of the members of the online group devoted to people living here went bat-shit crazy over it. And everything that isn’t white is now black, including balcony railings and those lovely signature chairs–and tables and benches–out back along the bay.

I don’t think people think much about the psychology of color. Painting those chairs black during the height of the pandemic sends out such a negative image. And the owners of this complex want everything to look alike; there are regular emails about “policing” peoples’ balconies, removing bikes, storage containers, etc., which are things people have had for years.

Anyway, I still love living here. Despite black Adirondack chairs and rising rents, I feel lucky to be here. But man o’ man … those black chairs are butt-ugly. That’s why I much prefer this photo and who can argue with that view?

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