Our Current Banner Image (#011) …

We sure do have some bee-u-tee-full sunsets here in San Diego-land. This one was taken after a Happy Hour excursion at my favorite Coronado restaurant with one of my favorite San Diego friends. We were driving back to my place and saw the sun setting as we got into my friend’s car and decided to drive back on Ocean Boulevard, which, I’m assuming you can guess why it’s called that. We got out of the car just in time to catch the final rays of sunshine-set just before it disappeared behind Point Loma (that long flat thing in the distance.

The original image shows far more than the cropped banner one, including a strategically-placed palm tree on the left and little, itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny people on the beach doing the exact same thing as my friend and I were doing: Watching that awesome sunset.

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