Soon (again) …

I hope to travel again soon. That sounds a bit more wistful than it should, but travel these days is no fun, not—at least—like it used to be (or used to SEEM to be). There are too many variables: weather, lack of or strikes by airline employees (the latter in other countries right now), unruly passengers, ten hours in a sealed metal container flying close to the sun breathing other peoples’ germs. My love of visiting other cities has slowly drained, but there’s one city that I’m pining for, and that’s where I’m headed. This may be my last hurrah for major travel for a variety of reasons, but we’ll see … as one dear friend tells me, “You always say that.”

This photo was undoubtedly taken years ago on one of my walks when I still lived downtown, probably in Balboa Park. Another lucky grab.

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