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This view of San Diego was taken from the starboard side of the Silvergate ferry boat on the first day of Comic-Con, July 20, 2022. I was taking the ferry over to the Convention Center for Preview Night and was immediately smitten with this big sky view of the San Diego skyline.

I really enjoyed riding the ferry back and forth to Comic-Con. It’s something I’d done every day for work for almost four years and I sometimes miss it, although the price is annoying: $7.00 each way. Here’s a pro tip: Don’t buy tickets online. You have to pay an extra fee, which isn’t huge, but adds up if you’re paying to go back and forth to Coronado multiple days, like I did … seven days in a row during Comic-Con. I saved 84 cents in fees each day or $5.88 for seven round trips. Buy your tickets at the machine on the dock in both Coronado and San Diego … there are no fees there.

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