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I’ve written a lot about my career at Comic-Con (and the event itself) on this here blog, so for those of you who know nothing about it, here’s a list of resources, all of which were created by me during my time overseeing Comic-Con’s publications and website.

The 2019 Souvenir Book celebrated the 50th anniversary of Comic-Con and featured a pictorial history of the show, with each year represented by a two-page spread. The book started with a comprehensive article by Eisner Award-winning author Bill Schelly. Famous for both his biography of MAD magazine creator Harvey Kurtzman and his encyclopedic knowledge of comics fandom, “The Comic-Con of Destiny” was sadly one of the last major articles Schelly wrote (he died in September 2019).

The links below will take you to that full article and each of the decade-by-decade pictorial sections of the 2019 Souvenir Book, featuring each year of the event.

Jim Lee’s wraparound cover for Comic-Con’s 2019 Souvenir Book, inked by Scott Williams and colored by Alex Sinclair. This was the last printed publication I worked on for Comic-Con. Characters © Respective Owners

Comic-Con 50th Anniversary

Comic-Con History: 2019 Souvenir Book
“The Comic-Con of Destiny” by Bill Schelly

Comic-Con in the 1970s

Comic-Con in the 1980s

Comic-Con in the 1990s

Comic-Con in the 2000s

Comic-Con in the 2010s

The Complete Comic-Con 2020 Souvenir Book

The Comic-Con 2020 Souvenir Book was the last edition edited and designed by me. Due to the pandemic, it was available only as a PDF online, and it still exists, so you can download your own copy. It features an amazing cover by artist William Stout saluting the 100th birthday of beloved author Ray Bradbury, plus numerous other features, including the 100th birthday of Ray Harryhausen, the cinematic stop-motion animation genius who was one of Bradbury’s closest friends.

Also in this edition, Comic-Con celebrated the 75th anniversary of EC Comics (including a complete reprint of a Ray Bradbury story), Moomin’s 75th anniversary, Conan in the Comics 50th, Jack Kirby’s Fourth World 50th, and the 50th anniversary of underground comix publisher and distributor Last Gasp.

I’m not sure how long this will remain up (I’m surprised/not surprised that it still is!), so download your FREE copy now:

Comic-Con Souvenir Book Covers

Here’s a link to a complete look at all the Comic-Con Souvenir Book covers from 1970 on. Please note that the full-screen versions of these covers may not load on your computer (at least not in Firefox).

Happy reading!

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