My Podcast Debut …

I had a great time last night talking with Kerry and James from the SDCC Unofficial Blog about my 20+ year history with Comic-Con International: San Diego. You can watch or listen to our 45-minute conversation on YouTube (with video of me in my natural habitat … see the link below) or as an audio podcast on Apple Podcasts or Stitcher Radio. Whichever you chose, search for “SDConCast” and look for the entry dated 5/24/22, titled “Is This A Life in Comics?” (Yes. Yes, it is.) I am firmly planted on my couch for the first 45 minutes of the show, with a vast library of books behind me, but that gets boring pretty quick, so if you just want to listen to the podcast, I’ll forgive you. Go for a walk and I’ll try my best to entertain you along the way.

One brief correction: In talking about some of the guests for Comic-Con 50th Anniversary of EC Comics in 2000, I mentioned artist Angelo Torres and said he was no longer with us. He very much is, thankfully. My apologies.

Here’s a direct link to the YouTube version:

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