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I recently upgraded my iPhone to a later model and I’m pretty amazed at what the camera can do. The image above is a super-wide frame, way farther out from my previous iPhone XR. While I don’t like paying the bill for having a new phone (I’m too cheap to buy it outright in my retirement years) and I’m still figuring out how to optimize everything so I don’t have huge data usage every month (used to be less than 2GB … this month alone I’m close to 8GB on a 6GB plan; thank god for rollovers), the camera is pretty amazing.

The image above is the Coronado Ferry Landing from the north end of the boardwalk (no actual boards, though), when you come around the corner from where Orange Avenue connects to the old Ferry Landing point, when actual cars came over on the boats. That ended in 1969 when they opened the Coronado-San Diego Bridge (everyone just calls it the Coronado Bridge), and passenger ferries came into being and the actual landing moved south. A small pod of restaurants and shops sprung up around the pier where the passenger ferries come in and dock. That quaint little ride, provided by Flagship Cruises & Event, has become quite pricey these days, jumping from $10 round-trip to $14 ($7 each way). There are two ferries; one goes to Broadway Pier, near the Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum (a 15-minute ride) and the other goes to behind the Convention Center (a 5-minute ride).

But I digress … the super-wide angle on this iPhone 12 camera makes this look almost like a painting. This camera definitely handles bright light differently, so you’ll probably see less shots with the sun in them from now on, but so far, I’m impressed with it.

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