Reflections …

They say the New Year is a time for reflection, so here you go.

But seriously, folks … I have a few “resolutions” for 2022. Be more careful with my money (less Amazon and eBay); isolate more until this Omicron thing peaks and hopefully goes away; and while I’m hopelessly addicted to Instagram (check it out below), I’m going to limit my time on Facebook. Yes, I know that Facebook (or rather “Meta”) owns Instagram and my photos will still automatically post to there, but I don’t believe in Mark Zuckerberg’s algorithms and I think the whole FB thing is just plain evil. I’ve already removed the app from iPhone and iPad and plan to check it much less frequently on my laptop in 2022. (And hey, Zuckerberg … stop trying to make Meta happen. It’s not going to happen.)

Another resolution I’ve already accomplished: I’ve stopped drinking anything carbonated. It was killing my stomach and causing me all kinds of problems (let’s just say I felt shitty pretty much all the time). I haven’t had a soda since October 20, 2021.

And finally, I walked the most I’ve ever walked in one year in 2021, over 1,550 miles. My doctor always asks me each year what my new goal is and I can honestly answer him in one word for 2022: MORE.

I hope whatever you resolved to do in the new year makes you healthy, wealthy, and wise or at least two out of three.

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