Imagine …

Another photo from my recent trip to New York City …

I posted an older photo of this iconic memorial to John Lennon a few weeks back, not realizing I would stumble upon it yet again on my most recent trip to New York. I always enter Central Park at Central Park South and Fifth Avenue and make my way slowly up through the park, visiting the pond closest to that entrance, the famous Gapstow Bridge that runs over it, and on to The Mall, my favorite part of the park. I usually veer off to the west around Bethesda Fountain; any travel north of there seems to take you (or me, at least) into The Brambles, where I normally get lost and just a little paranoid. And somehow I always seem to exit to the Upper West Side at 72nd Street, and that’s where you’ll find Strawberry Fields, the memorial to John Lennon.

I placed that red leaf on the Imagine mosaic when it was my turn to take a photo. And I brought it home with me, as just a little memento of New York City. I still remember where I was the night Lennon was killed, hearing Howard Cosell’s horrifying tale of his shooting during a Monday Night Football game, and being shocked, saddened, and dismayed by the news, delivered in such a cold, callous voice.

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