All the Leaves Are Brown …

Another photo from my recent trip to New York City …

Besides friends and family, there are only two things I really miss about living back east: Rain and fall. There’s something very soothing about a steady falling rain hitting rooftops and trees. And fall–or autumn, if you prefer–is such an abrupt change of season back there. I used to love sliding my feet through stacks and stacks of newly-fallen leaves. I lived on a street in Pittsburgh that was filled with trees on both sides and the sheer volume of leaves was amazing. Both rain and fall are far less intense here in California.

When I go back to New York City, I always try and go during this time of year. Unfortunately, i always seem to be too early to see Central Park’s trees at their peak, color-wise, but this year was the closest I’ve gotten to it. There was a lot of nice color, but most of the park was still pretty green. And no huge stacks of fallen leaves to shush through, although there were a lot on the ground.

By the way, I “adopted” that red leaf and brought it home with me, folding it into the pages of a book I bought. I also placed it in another photo that I’ll show on here in the coming weeks.

Happy fall to you!

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