New York State of Mind …

I am still wanderlusting.

Is that a word? I know wanderlust is, but wanderlusting, the act of wantonly wanting to fulfill wanderlust, should be, too. I’ve traveled twice this year, to two favorite cities, Seattle in June and Portland in September, so it’s time to go back to New York City.

For many years, NYC was my go-to vacation spot, especially this time of year. Autumn in New York, as the song goes, is just the best time to go. I’ve lived on the West Coast now for over 20 years, and the two things I miss the most are a steady, hypnotic rain shower and leaves changing color and falling to the ground. Everything else East Coast? The blue-green Pacific Ocean is far more beautiful and enticing than the grey, foreboding Atlantic. Palm trees are more fascinating than “regular” trees, except for the spectacle of leaf-changing. I could go on, but I won’t.

The other thing about Autumn in New York is it’s book season. A ton of new books are released between now and the holidays, and supply-chain issues aside, it’s a great time to roam around some bookstores. San Diego is sadly deficit in that area. There are Barnes and Nobles, of course, and some great indy stores, like Warwicks and Book Catapult, plus the absolutely wonderful Verbatim Books in the used book category. But other than London, New York is THE American bookstore town. The Strand, Mysterious Bookshop, McNally-Jackson, plus great comic book stores like Forbidden Planet, and the mega-chain Midtown Comics, all make it so I can just go to bookstores the whole time I’m there and come home weighted down and happy.

The John Lennon Memorial at Strawberry Fields in Central Park.

A friend of mine recently visited the city and had a great time, so I investigated what I had, points-wise, on airlines and hotels, and lo and behold … it’s an almost-free trip when it comes to travel and stay. I’m hoping Central Park is at its peak, fall foliage-wise. Follow along with me on Instagram for daily uploads from the Big Apple (does anyone still call it that? … it seems like such a 70s/80s nickname) at gg92118. I’ll show you a good time, hopefully!

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