Be True …

I’ve taken a couple of weeks off from this here blog thingy to do some housekeeping chores and to think a bit on what’s next for me and this endeavor. I have discovered that I do like writing again and want to focus on that aspect of the blog, and less a record of all my photographs (he said, while posting yet another photograph). As such, I’ve eliminated a whole mess of content on the blog dating back to its earliest time (2016 … five years ago), that was more photo-oriented. This wasn’t easy, but I can only afford a certain level of involvement with WordPress, and I was afraid I was starting to run out of space. It was kind of a Sophie’s Choice thing. The good news (at least I hope it’s good news for you) is that I’ve re-upped for another year, so we’re all paid for and ready to go.

Anyway … I’m back, and just trying to “be true,” as this lovely downtown San Diego mural states. Not sure who the artist is, but it sure made for a purty photo.

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