Friday Flashback #033 …

When lions walked the earth … this sunny scene from the Tower of London was captured in November of 2016, my last trip to one of my favorite cities in the world. Okay, let’s qualify that: I haven’t traveled that much. I travel a lot, but I tend to go back to the cities I love: London, New York, Seattle, Portland, etc. I’m basically a one-trick travel pony. This particular time in London, I did do the Tower tour, and I enjoyed it, but I went off on my own, rather than listening to the canned Beefeater guide. Still, it was a wonderful photo opportunity, and that’s what my trips are: photos, books, and entertainment (plays, movies, museums, etc.). And while this upcoming trip to England in a few weeks will take me around the country, all those things will be a part of it.

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