A Walk By Any Other Name …

My walking was slightly curtailed this weekend due to inclimate weather … namely temperatures above 80 degrees. I normally take a long walk on Sunday morning, but when I got up at 7:15am, it was already 78 degrees, so I knew that wasn’t going to happen. Luckily I had instead opted for a slightly cooler walk the night before, around 5:30pm, and this was one of the photos I snapped while “hiking” through Seaport Village, the perfect (if I do say so myself) juxtaposition of restaurant, water, sun, and prop, one of the weapon-like telescopes positioned around the bay.

I think about lots of things when I walk. Most of it is stuff I don’t understand, like skateboards. I understand skateboards as a sport—competition, stunts, etc.—but I don’t get them as a means of transportation. They seem … lazy. I’ll just coast here for a little bit, then use my foot once or twice to coast here for a little bit more. And the pack of teens I saw “marauding” their way through Seaport Village and the Embarcadero on their boards made me understand the whole skateboard thing even less.

Other things I think about when I walk: Work, and why I still have to do it; vacation-time, and why there isn’t enough of it; books I’m reading, along with movies and TV shows I want to see; what’s for lunch or dinner; and women. I think a lot about women, both those that are in my life, and those that aren’t. And I have come to the rather startling conclusion that I will never understand women, but that’s okay … I don’t think they’ll ever understand men, either.

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