Innocent Bystander CSN Funnies #5 …

Here’s the fifth and final in a series of five original comic strips I did for Comic Shop News, the weekly newspaper distributed to those comic shops willing to pay for copies. (It used to be something ridiculously cheap, like five cents a copy; not sure what it is now. I still find new issues in comic shops when I travel to cities like New York.) When Geeksville first started, the editors of CSN (who were hugely supportive of Innocent Bystander) asked Rich Koslowski and me to produce a weekly series of comic strips. I think we did at least ten (five each). For more info click here to read the Geeksville installment of my ongoing series “My Life in Comics” … and to read the whole series (and see all five CSN strips), click the “My Life in Comics” link in the category list on the right.

Click on the image below to see it larger on your screen.

© 2022 Gary G. Sassaman

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