Happy New Year! …

Happy New Year from the Frolic Room in Hollywood, California … no, I’m not there. Throughout my life I have steadfastly avoided being anywhere but home on New Year’s Eve, the technical term for this behavior being “stick-in-the-mud,” but I prefer to think of it as self-preservation. There are a lot of crazy-ass people out on NYE, drunk as skunks (do skunks really drink or are they just being unfairly maligned for the sake of a rhyme … hey, that rhymes, too!), and in the middle of a pandemic, staying home makes much more sense.

On my recent trip to Los Angeles, I found myself in Hollywood (not a pleasant place to be these days) right around sunset and was able to snap this gorgeously legendary neon sign before running away to be stuck in traffic for 45 minutes. I totally believe that this is one of the most-photographed bar signs in the country, if not the world, and I’m grateful that the owners of this drinking establishment have kept this sign looking so great over the years. Happy New Year and raise a glass to me!

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