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I’ve recently relaunched this blog to focus a little bit more on writing. Previously it was more of a showcase for my photos and that will still be the case. Just about every photo or image you see on this blog will be of my creation, unless otherwise noted. One thing I hope to do is feature my photos in the Innocent Bystander title banner at the top of the page, which–as you can see–is an extremely cropped image.

So here’s the full photo, which was taken in Coronado, CA behind the historic Hotel del Coronado hotel on a chilly December night in 2020, the night (if I remember correctly), that had the Saturn/Jupiter alignment, so the beach was a bit crowded for a Monday in December. I’ve seen some absolutely breathtaking sunsets in this same location … this one was up there, but far too fleeting. Still, it’s always a pleasure and a bit awe-inspiring to be on the eastern edge of the world’s largest body of water and think about Hawaii, Japan, and Asia far off on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

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