Living in the Age of Disease • Part 3

This is day #62 of Quarantine.

I call It “quarantine,” but it’s really stay at home. I’m not sick (beyond a nagging cough because ONE OF MY STUPID F*CKING NEIGHBORS KEEPS SMOKING AND IT ALL ENDS UP IN MY PLACE, but I don’t hate them … not yet), so quarantine is an incorrect term.

It’s been a while (about 24 days) since I last wrote. Not much has changed. I can whole-heartedly recommend Bosch season 6 and all seasons of the British series Line of Duty, which is by the same person who created Bodyguard for Netflix. I’m still reading pretty much every day. I finished Deadland, which is the second (really the third; I don’t know why the publishers don’t admit this) in the DS Alexandria Cupidi series by William Shaw, which takes place in rural England, near Kent. I love Shaw’s books and I love Lisa Jewell’s books … I’m currently reading her latest, The Family Upstairs.

The rest is all work, work, work. This is always the busiest time of year for me. In addition to my usual duties, I’ve been producing some videos for my employer and you can view them on YouTube, if you’d like to:

Sense of Wonder: The Art of WonderCon Anaheim is a deep-dive look into the Comic-Con Museum gallery exhibition which I curated and which opened in February, but sadly has been closed since mid-March. It’s a great exhibit featuring the original art for the past decade of WonderCon Anaheim Program Book covers, all of which I worked on with the artists involved through my job as Director of Print and Digital Media for Comic-Con. Click here to see it.

I also had a chance to interview artist Michael Cho for our WonderCon@Home initiative … that video is also on YouTube and you can watch it by clicking here. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mike on two different covers, and he’s one of favorite artists. Lots of art in this one, too, and Mike is a great interview subject. Click here to see the Michael Cho video.

I have one more fun video in the can, which is a little different (not about comics) and should show up in early June.

California is very slowly coming back. I just got an email that one of my favorite restaurants here in Coronado is reopening for take-out and delivery, so I’ll be visiting there this weekend. I still miss my book and comic book store visits, but it looks like comics return this coming week, so I’ll be able to get my weekly fix again. I venture off the island every two weeks or so and go to Target and that’s my big “splurge” these days, both financially and physically. I would love to travel, and I still have a trip to London and one to Seattle on the books, but I have sincere doubts either will happen at this point. I hate the fact that airlines are only offering travel vouchers or “wallets,” but I realize full refunds would bankrupt them at this point. I will miss all of the trips I have planned, but I think staying healthy—and ultimately ALIVE—is probably just a tad bit more important.

More later (maybe).

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