Friday Flashback #007 …

I suppose this should be some kind of James Bond post, being #007 and all, but it isn’t. (If you want to see my weekly James Bond book cover posts on Instagram, go there and search for the hashtag #52weeksof007). Instead, I give you my daily mode of commuter transportation, the Cabrillo ferry, part of the Flagship San Diego fleet of boats. No, it doesn’t break apart mid-bay into a speedboat, gunning away from the evil mercenaries of SPECTRE; it’s just a nice, calm, very zen-like way of commuting to and from work each day. A year or so ago, if you told me I’d be taking a boat to work each day, I’d say you were f-ing crazy, but here we are, and I have to tell you, that ride home every weeknight is the best part of my day. It’s like a virtual escape from a very hectic downtown and any work worries I might be dealing with, to a calm, quiet paradise. I love it.

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