Friday Flashback #006 …

Both Seattle and Portland are two of my favorite West Coast destinations. Both cities seem so much more metropolitan and sophisticated than San Diego and their downtown areas are much more built-up, much busier and more thriving. The photo above is the famous Seattle Monorail, built for the 1962 World’s Fair (known as the Century 21 Exposition). They’ve kept the Seattle Center park intact, and the monorail ride takes you from downtown to a beautiful area that includes museums, the famous Space Needle, and much more. That’s the newly-named Museum of Pop Culture (MoPop) that the monorail is traveling through, above. It used to be called EMP (Experience Music Project), but I digress (when you’re a billionaire and you have your own museum, you can call it whatever you please). I love Seattle, but I particularly love Seattle Center.

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