Friday Flashback #001 …

Introducing “Friday Flashback!” Oh, I know … many of you are fond of that “ThrowbackThursday” hashtag, but I did it first … Friday Flashback was a regular feature on my old blog (click here to visit). And while I’ve been doing “Flashback Foto” here on my new blog (no need to click, you’re already here), I’ve decided to change it to a weekly–and much more manageable–feature starting right now, on the first Friday of January. Hopefully, each photo will include a little bit of explanatory behind-the-scenes info, too!

Remember, you can follow me on Instagram to see all my photos, including the most recent. I have over 3,200 photos on there from my many trips. And in 2018 I hope to take one giant 3-week trip … stay tuned for that!

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And now, without any further ado, here’s the very first Friday Flashback!

I love London. You’ll be seeing a lot of London on here if you come back each week throughout 2018. And through this Anglophile tendency of mine, I’ve grown also to love British history. This is, of course, the statue of Winston Churchill standing opposite Parliament and Big Ben (taken in 2016 by me). If you haven’t seen it, Darkest Hour, starring Gary Oldman, is an amazing film about Churchill’s first month as prime minister in 1940, when England had to decide whether to negotiate with Nazi Germany or fight for the country’s life. Churchill made the decision to fight, thus sealing his destiny as one of the greatest leaders in history.


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