We Are On A Break …

It’s hard to top the posting of my 200th “Flashback Foto” (see post below), so I’ve decided to take a short break due to the incredible emotional letdown of that momentous occasion.

Actually, it’s that time of the year for me when work comes crashing in like a Tsunami and occupies most of my waking hours. And to add to that load, I’m hoping to move in August, so I’m getting ready for that. This will be my first move since 1998, and while I am staying in the greater San Diego area, I am planning to move out of downtown (expect a longer post about that in the future, when I have much more time for self-absorbed navel-gazing, which are what blogs are for … amiright?).

If you’re following me (and God bless you, if you are), please don’t go away. I’ll be back, probably sooner than expected. I fully anticipate a moment where I want to procrastinate my work work and dive into another round of Flashback Fotos.