A Short Walk Through La Jolla …

I have been AWOL from this blog since mid-January due to a bunch of circumstances, and I’m vowing right here, right now, to be a bit more active on it. My series of London 2016 trip photos petered our at #6; truth be told, I could have done 6 more sets, and I still might. Work and that grand illusion called life have weighed me down in the new year, as I face the reality of not only another seemingly endless cycle of the same ol’, same ol’, but also the addition of a soulless “president” running a fascist government that seems determined to systematically destroy any social, legal, and environmental progress (however scant) we’ve made in the last decade. It’s amazing how a daily barrage of “HE SAID WHAT?!” can drag you down, down, down.

But enough. This is a photo blog, not a political discourse.

I tend to repeat myself a bit in where I go and, hence, where I take photos. It seems like each year in late winter, I find myself in La Jolla with enough time, energy, and good weather to walk around a bit and take some photos. And yesterday that was certainly the case, so here’s a short photo gallery taken during a short walk through La Jolla by a short person.

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