London 2016 • Photo Set #5: Tower of London and Sky Garden …

There are probably no more disparate tourist attractions in London than the Tower of London and the Sky Garden. One is the intense history of the city, preserved for the ages, the other is so brand-spanking-new it almost smells of fresh paint. I visited both the Tower (the historical heart of the city) and Sky Garden, at the top of what is known locally as the “Walkie-Talkie Building,” due to its unusual curve, on the same day.

The Tower of London is, of course, a must-see attraction if you visit this amazing city. But I would also include Sky Garden in that category. It’s free … you just have to book in advance (I suggest about 10-14 days), or make a reservation at one of the restaurants. If you take the free route, you can only stay for an hour (supposedly … I didn’t see anybody kicking anybody out), but you can buy refreshments, if you like. The view is breathtaking from the 35th floor, and I recommend timing your visit to sunset, as I did. Usual disclaimer: If you don’t like heights, Sky Garden is NOT for you!

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