London 2016 • Photo Set #4: Southwark …

During my 2 week trip to London, I stayed in what’s known as Southwark, on the south side of the Thames. It’s also called Bankside and South Bank, but I was right off Southwark Street, so for the purposes of this short set, I’m going to call it Southwark (which, by the way, is pronounced Suth-awk, sorta. Kinda.). Most of these photos were taken on the first Sunday I was in town, a mostly-grey, cold day, where I walked along the southern side of the Thames to Westminster Bridge and crossed it to get a better look at the iconic Big Ben at the Houses of Parliament and the Churchill statue near there.

Special thanks to the seagull who did repeated passes in front of my camera until I snapped the perfect in-flight photo (above). The check is in the mail.

London 2016 Photo Set #1

London 2016 Photo Set #2 (Christmas)

London 2016 Photo Set #3 (Notting Hill)

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