London 2016 • Photo Set #01 …

I spent 2 whole wonderful weeks in London from Nov. 23rd through Dec. 8th. It was the longest vacation of my life and each day was a new discovery as I explored this amazing city, its museums and bookstores, and just walked my feet off (over 125 miles in those 2 weeks!). While I can’t say anything good about British “cuisine” (when you have to send back fish and chips, there’s something wrong), I can’t say enough about this beautiful, incredibly photogenic city.

Over the next few days I’ll be chronicling my trip there through photos (check the comments for more info on each pic). One of my favorite vacation experiences these days is taking pictures with my iPhone 7 and sharing them on Instagram, Facebook and on here, too.

If you like my photos, please follow me on Instagram. You’ll get to see my latest photos first! More photos from London (including London Christmas!) coming soon.


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