New York City 2016 • Photo Set #4 …

Here’s my last set of photos from my mid-October 2016 trip to New York City. I spent 7 glorious days exploring the city, taking my time to visit some old favorite haunts and to also venture into some new areas. This set includes my visits to the amazing Oculus, next to One Freedom Center, the site of the sadly missed World Trade Center. The Oculus is a shopping mall/transit hub and something out of all the great futurist movies of the past. I also took my usual walk on the High Line, and ventured into the wilds of Queens to visit the fascinating Museum of the Moving Image.

Coming soon: LONDON 2016!

Click on the thumbnails below to see them larger on your screen. Some photos include comments from yours truly.

Click here for Photo Set #1

Click here for Photo Set #2

Click here for Photo Set #3

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