New York 2016 • Photo Set #3 …

Some wise, forward-thinking people decided a long time ago to take a huge part of central New York City and turn it into a park for all the people. Central Park is always a um… central part … of any trip I make to NYC. I always spend at least half a day roaming around in it, and I definitely have favorite parts, most of them south of 72nd Street. Here’s 30 or so photos from this year’s ramble through the bramble of the greatest city park in the world.

I visited Central Park two separate times, the second time right before sunset on a rainy Friday. Those last few photos with that golden sky show that last little walk-through on the Southern end of the park. That incredible sky lasted for about 15 minutes and I would have missed it if I hadn’t turned around. Once I did, I was spellbound, but hey …that’s New York.

Click on the thumbnails below to see them larger on your screen. Some photos include comments from yours truly. Look for Photo Set #4 coming soon.

Click here for Photo Set #1

Click here for Photo Set #2

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