New York 2016 • Photo Set #1 …

I had an amazing week in New York City in mid-October, and I took over 1400 photos. Don’t worry … this won’t be an endless slide show, accompanied by boring commentary … it will just SEEM that way. While the weather was a bit too summery for my tastes (I live in San Diego, where it’s seemingly summer all year ’round), there was some evidence of Autumn in the city, including a Central Park whose leaves had turned far more than I’d seen in previous year. I’ve learned my lesson though: from now on, I’ll visit in early November.

All photos were taken with an iPhone 7; most were “enhanced” on Instagram or in iPhotos, but mainly color and light boosts, no filters.

Click on the thumbnails below to see them larger on your screen. Some photos include comments (that boring commentary I warned you of!). Look for Photo Set #2, coming soon!

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