Of Anniversaries, Birthdays and Other Thoughts of the Past …

Today is the one-year anniversary of this blog. I started it at the urging of a friend, who had read some of my previous blog (which lasted for 8 years and can be found here), and said I should start doing it again. I did, but the focus this time is on my photos, not my writing. I still sit down and occasionally bang a noun and a verb together, but only every once in a while do I come up with something I actually like or want to talk about at length. Maybe it’s just me getting older, maybe it’s having to be articulate and wordy at my job, I’m not sure.

This week also marks me mum’s (I’m practicing my British English … how am I doin’ so far?) birthday. She would have been 98 on August 24th. And that, of course, always brings back memories of our week-long summer vacations, which we always took over her birthday week. Those forays to Atlantic City and Asbury Park, NJ, are some of my fondest memories of growing up. I’ve written about them before on my old blog (click here for Atlantic City or here for a particular Asbury Park memory), but suffice it to say late August never quite floats around without my thoughts turning to that time and place in my life.

My trips these days are solitary affairs, but I love them nonetheless. As 2016 comes to an end, I’ll be gone almost an entire month (not all at once, so don’t make any plans to come and rob me), and traveling to Portland, New York City, London, and Leeds. Expect lots of photos (you can find most of them as I post them on Instagram … click here to follow me), and eventual “travel diary” entries (with more photos) right here.

Happy anniversary, happy birthday, and happy vacation to you all, and thanks for following me this past year. I hope you’ll hang around for more.

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  1. Happy, heartfelt anniversary Gary. Speaking for more than just me, I’m glad you kept IB going — I read it as often as I see your FB posts. For those reading this comment, Gary got me to start my KE (cooking) blog & I celebrated my sixth anniversary on 8/10/16 — l love it and it grows with each and every day. You’ve come a long way baby & I’m proud of you!!!


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