Seattle 2016 • Part 3: The EMP Museum …

I’ve gone to Seattle 4 times now, and the past 2 times I’ve visited the EMP Museum. Both their permanent and traveling exhibits are always fascinating and incredibly well done. This year’s big attraction was Star Trek 50: Exploring New Worlds.

I’m not a huge Star Trek fan … I’ve enjoyed the new movies and watched the original series when it came on in 1966, but even as an 11-year-old, sci-fi TV left me cold. Still, the franchise has a fascinating history and certainly has become an iconic part of pop culture in America, if not the world. Having seen the Star Wars Costumes exhibit last year at EMP, I was more than curious to see how they staged this one, and it lived up to the high standard set by last year’s exhibit.

EMP started as more of a music museum (EMP stands for Experience Music Project), but it has since branched out to encompass more of popular culture. In addition to the ST50 exhibit, I visited some of the museum’s other exhibits, including WOW (World of WearableArt), and it’s permanent ones, Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction, Indie Game Revolution, Fantasy Worlds of Myth and Magic, and Can’t Look Away (about horror films). It’s always a great visit … here’s some photos from this year’s trip.

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