Another Train Ride …

Two weeks in a row in late March/early April found me on train rides to Los Angeles and beyond. This time it was to Glendale for a vintage paperback show (more about that later, maybe), a new passion of mine. Having gone to Los Angeles and back the week before, the only new part of the journey this time was the 10-minute ride to Glendale. And once there, I walked off the train into another time capsule, a beautiful little train station preserved as it was built. The Glendale Amtrak station is a treasure trove of photo opportunities.

I also spent a bit of time in downtown Glendale, home of the famous Glendale Galleria (didn’t go) and the outdoors entertainment mall, Americana at Brand (just visited the chain bookstore there). In Glendale, I encountered the 90-year-old Alex Theatre, another historic gem.

The trip was book-ended by long train rides on which I took photos (once again) of the passing beach and ocean. There’s also one solitary Los Angeles Union Station photo (after the photo of the barrelling freight train that went flying through the Glendale station as I waited for my train for the trip home). Included along the way: A quick look at the beautiful tile work in the San Diego Santa Fe station; the giant neon diving girl at the Museum of Neon Art; and the giant flowers “blooming” in downtown Glendale.

All in all, it was a great trip (especially vintage paperback-wise), but I think I’m done with west coast trains for a bit … except for mass transit, maybe. Another trip looms on the horizon, to a city I dearly love …

All photos were taken with an iPhone 6. Click on the thumbnails to see the photos larger on your screen and in slideshow mode. If you like my photos please follow me on Instagram @gg92101.


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