Last Weekend in L.A. …

Somewhere along the line it became a “Christmas Tradition” for me to go to Los Angeles and Santa Monica the first weekend of December. I stay at a nice hotel in Santa Monica and I shop. That’s basically it. Some of it is Christmas shopping, most of it is shopping for my favorite person, me. Here are some photos from that trip (12/04-06) that travel across the City of Angels from Sunset Blvd (the return of Tower Records, if only for the documentary movie premiere) to Hollywood (Buster Keaton on a storefront security screen) to Santa Monica (all of the beach and sunset shots and a little hint at Christmas photos to come) and even a ghostly image in the elevator at my hotel (oh wait, that’s me). Palm trees, arm wrestling, abandoned billboards, silouhetted roller coasters, iconic liquor signs, and Farmer’s Market baskets … it’s all a part of the fabric of Los Angeles, one of the funkiest cities in the universe.


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