7 Days in New York City, Part Three: Central Park …

Continuing my run of photos from my New York City trip, October 17-24, 2015.

I spent part of one day in NYC in Central Park, roaming through the southern-most region, from around the Plaza Hotel and Columbus Circle, on opposing east/west sides, and up to about 72nd Street in the Park itself. I love Central Park. That someone or many someones) had the foresight to put aside this land for posterity is amazing, especially keeping it intact in this day and age, with soaring real estate rates and almost no land left in Manhattan.

My favorite part of the park is The Mall, a long stretch of trees that canopy over a walkway with benches, most (if not all) dedicated to someone (or many someones … see next to last photo, below). I was about a week or two too early to see the Park at its fall peak. The trees seem to change color later and later each year, probably another victim of climate change. Regardless, there were a few early “bloomers” (or whatever the reverse of bloomers are) that were colorful enough to make up for the stragglers. Click on the photos to see them larger on your screen.

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001_NY15_CP 002_NY15_CP 003_NY15_CP 004_NY15_CP 005_NY15_CP 006_NY15_CP 007_NY15_CP 008_NYC15_CP 009_NY15_CP 010_NY15_CP 011_NY15_CP 012_NY15_CP 013_NY15_CP 014_NY15_CP 015_NY15_CP 016_NY15_CP 017_NY15_CP 018_NY15_CP 019_NY15_CP 020_NY15_CP 021_NY15_CP 022_NY15_CP 023_NY15_CP 024_NY15_CP

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