7 Days in New York City: Part One …

I spent seven (count ’em, 7) wonderful days in New York City from Saturday, October 17 through Saturday, October 24. With perfect fall-like weather most days (read: cool and breezy), I had my best trip to NYC ever, and I’ve been going there for almost 45 years now. The city constantly amazes me and every corner turned was a photo snapped. I’m not sure how this will work, but here’s a selection of my favorite photos from this past week (I took over 500), so you can see the city as I saw it. All photos were taken with an iPhone 6; some judicious filtering may have been done. More photos are coming soon, including a few from the High Line and my long, rambling walk through Central Park on a perfect fall day. Click on the photos to see them larger on your screen.

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NYC15_01 NYC15_02 NYC15_03 NYC15_04 NYC15_05 NYC15_06 NYC15_07 NYC15_08 NYC15_09 NYC15_10 NYC15_11 NYC15_12 NYC15_13 NYC15_14 NYC15_15 NYC15_16 NYC15_17 NYC15_18 NYC15_19 NYC15_20 NYC15_21 NYC15_22 NYC15_23 NYC15_24

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